42mm Quick Hydration Kit
42mm Quick Hydration Kit

42mm Quick Hydration Kit

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42mm Hydriam Collapsible Flask (Size and Color)
QuickStraw (Size)
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The Quick Hydration Kit is an endlessly customizable hydration vest set up. Design a hydration kit to the exact specifications of your running vest, your running style, and your preferences by mixing and matching the 432 different combinations of our Quick Hydration Kits.

As part of our 28mm Quick Hydration Kit, select one of three volumes of our 42mm Hydriam Collapsible Flasks and one of the three lengths of our QuickStraws. A full kit comes with your chosen Hydriam, QuickStraw, and a 42mm QuickConnect Cap. 

Hydriam Volumes:




QuickStraw Lengths: 

2 inches

4 inches

6 inches

The products in this kit come in a 42mm thread . The Hydriam is compatible with filters like the Katadyn BeFree, allowing for filtering on the go during training, ultrarunning, or fastpacking trips.


  • Versatile and lightweight
  • Customizable
  • Robust and durable
  • Hydriams feature a tapered design to easily slide in and out of running vest pockets
  • QuickStraws feature a locking bite valve with a twist lock
  • QuickConnect functions as a water tight cap without QuickStraw attached
  • FDA approved and BPA, BPS, and BPF free


Find the specifications for each product on their product page

42mm Hydriam Collapsible Flask

QuickConnect Cap


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Adam A.
Really like the QuickConnect and QuickStraw with Vesica!

I got the 750ml Hydriam with the 42mm mouth and 6-inch quick straw.

I've traditionally used the 28mm openings on hydration kit. I love(!) this wider opening and I'll be switching to it as kit dies. The additional size is nice for adding hydration mixes, protein, coffee, etc.

The flask itself is awesome, durable, no leaks, etc.—All the stuff you come to expect from CNOC.

On hikes the flask slides right into my water bottle sleeves on the straps of my backpack. It works quite well, and I think I'll likely switch from Smart Water bottles to the Hydriam or the Vesica. Having easy access to water helps me drink a bit more, so I dig this setup. Also tried this on my bike hydration pack, which I liked.

The QuickStraw has good flow, which I suspect is helped nicely by the soft Hydriam casing. The directions on the straw lock says to twist the mouthpiece to lock/unlock the flow. But it seems like the lock can be activated/deactivated by simply pushing/pulling on the mouthpiece as well. The twist/lock mech should be a little more secure and I'm not sure I would trust it. That being said, I don't really need the lock in the first place so it won't bother me.

The 6-inch straw is too long and I should have got the 2-inch or 4-inch. That being said, I cut it shorter. Re-installing the shorter hose took some heat and faff, but it worked. A shorter straw makes it perfect!

I also used the QuickStraw with the Vesica, which I like even more since the Vesica has a little more structure.

Kris Brennan
Cnoc makes another great piece of gear

I will be reviewing the 500ml flask with 42mm opening and the 4 inch straw.

I have used this flask a few times now with my fast pack with running vest straps. This bottle has been fantastic. It has fit perfectly in the soft flask pockets on the running harness. The material used to make these flasks is wonderful and very strong just like their other products. On one of my runs I was switching the full flask from once pocket to another and dropped it and somehow stepped right on it. I am 200lbs and all I had to do was brush it off and it was good to go. I was amazed.

I tried a 4 inch straw and it has turned out to be perfect. The straw length has been perfect with the vest I’m using. The material and build seem great. It is easy to drink from and lock and unlock. My only complaint if I am really nitpicking is that the water does not flow as easy as with some other brands I have. I usually have to give the bottle a bit of a squeeze to get the water moving nicely. I have some others where I can just drink like I would from a straw in a glass of water, this one takes a bit more conscious effort. It may be something that in time I don’t even think about.

I love the flask and the quick straw. I will continue to use this in my running kit. If you have other products from Cnoc, you know what great quality gear they make. If you haven’t tried any of their gear yet, I promise you worst regrets it.

PS: Their customer service is top notch.They stand behind their products 100%

Tina S
Great addition to the kit

I received this project for free to try out and review. It doesn’t leak! Bouncing around on trail. Thrown in the backseat. No leaks. All components easy to put together and break down. Flask also comes with a screw-top solid lid which is very handy. No off taste with just a soap and water wash when it arrived. All specs are provided so be sure to measure everything out to get the right straw to flask height. Happy to add this to my trusted CNOC water storage options.

Alex Marchica
More Great Gear from Cnoc!

Disclaimer: I received this free product in exchange for this review.

I tried out the 500 ml Hydriam with the 42 mm opening and the 2 inch straw. I will be comparing the Hydriam to the Salomon soft flasks as a point of reference as its what I use currently...but not for long

The Hydriam I went with was the 500 ml version with the shortest straw option. It was able to fit into the vest snugly, and actually sits better than Salomon's own brand of soft flask. It doesn't shrink and fall down into the vest while running, whether its full, or empty.

The quality of the Hydriam is insanely strong. The lid has a nice tight fit. The quick disconnect was tight at first but after a few uses it was easy to use, tight to lock, and holds securely, zero drips.

I really enjoyed the straw enabling me to drink hands free if I wanted to. The best part, in my opinion is the locking feature.

I didn't like: The flow rate. With Salomon, when running I can get a decent amount of water in-between breathes while running from one bite. Not so much here. It takes considerably longer to get the water from the bite valve, maybe 1/3 the rate of the Salomon. Still, that being said I enjoyed using the Hydriam so much it still warranted 5 stars, probably around 4.7, 4.8 due to the flow rate. I will be buying another one of these to match the one I was allowed to test because I liked it so much.

I will also be using this in my hiking pack's front water bottle pocket now on my overnight hiking trips.

Great Kit!

First, the components included in this kit are high quality and durable, in-line with other CNOC products I have used. I have always been able to count on my CNOC gear, and have the same peace of mind while using this kit.

Second, I like the modularity of this kit, and believe I have only scratched the surface of the nearly unlimited use cases for these components. I liked being able to access hydration from my running vest without removing the flask from the pockets — this was much more reliable and convenient than having to remove and replace bottles while running, especially during technical trail runs.

I liked the capacity and ease of maintenance of the Hydriam flask versus the larger water bladders I have used in the past.

In the future, I would like to experiment with different straw lengths to use with various vests, packs, and potentially, a running belt.

I think the nearly endless possibilities of this kit are a unique offering, and I plan to put it to good use going forward.

Disclosure: I did receive this kit for testing and review purposes. All thoughts are my own, and CNOC did not view or edit this review prior to posting.