Our Story

Who We Are:
Cnoc Outdoors is about creating amazing gear that everyone wants but no one makes. Starting with our flagship product, the Vecto, we make hydration gear that simplifies your gear kit, allowing you to spend more time on the move in nature, or relaxing at camp with your friends. 

We’re a small team of six outdoor adventurers based in Portland, OR. You can head over to the website of Minimal Gear, the company behind Cnoc Outdoors, to learn more about the team that packs your orders, responds to your inquiries, and designs your products. 

Our values:

Giving back - From financial support for conservation to inclusive outdoor recreation and beyond, we give when we can and then some. We’re a certified B-Corp, meaning we donate 20% of our profits to non-profits every year. 

Sustainable business practices - We know that making good gear means that everyone who works with us puts their heart and soul into what they make. We always try to be fair and supportive with our factories, suppliers, and services. We don’t negotiate the lowest possible price but try to find the right point at which we can support everyone around us. When you buy from us, you better the lives of everyone in our supply chain, domestically and internationally.

Cooperative Innovation - Our products are constantly getting improved based on testing, customer feedback and returns. We encourage customers to contact us if they need a product that does not yet exist, have an improvement to any of our gear or just have a wild idea they'd love to try. While perfecting our gear list, there is no such thing as an idea that is too odd, so let us know what you think is missing.

Inclusive Outdoors - Outdoor recreation is a vital part of keeping us healthy and happy, and we believe that every person deserves to enjoy it safely. People from all cultures, backgrounds and life stories deserve a place in the outdoor community, narrative and industry, giving space to all the voices that take part in outdoor recreation.  Learn more about our DEI initiatives here.