Using Poles for your Shelter?

Our poles reach 62 inches, allowing you to set almost any shelter without extenders or extra tools.

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Cork Trekking Poles

"being a bigger guy I've had trouble finding gear for me. CNOC's Trekking Poles have been an amazing part of that journey as I have put them through the ringer and they, unlike others, have NEVER FALTERED!"

Andy from The Hiker Podcast 

What led to the Mudpons?

The latest on our blog: the creation story of the Mudpons from an idea back in 2014 to a host of amateur fails and then to a sleek, practical tool for muddy terrain.

The CNOC Story

Our team is small yet mighty, and we might have designated roles but we all do a bit of everything. It is not uncommon to find any one of us packing orders, assembling poles, quality-checking a batch of Vectos or writing a blog post.

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