650ml Buc Food Bag
650ml Buc Food Bag
650ml Buc Food Bag
650ml Buc Food Bag
650ml Buc Food Bag

650ml Buc Food Bag

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Optimize lightweight cooking with a sustainable solution: the Buc is a food bag for cooking hot meals or cold soaking ingredients.

The Buc offers a wide opening with a sturdy slider taken from our true and tested Vecto for pouring, mixing, eating and cleaning. Once empty, the Buc rolls into a 7" long snack bar and packs away until your next meal. 

A redesign in 2024 added a tapered base to allow the Buc to stand upright when full, externally welded corners for easier cleaning, and mL increment measurements on the back. 

Keep your guts safe with a container that will not break like PET or nylon bags, and has zero BPA, BPF, BPS or PVC. 

Light yet sturdy, simply pack your meals in advance (up to 2 servings!), add hot water and let soak as your recipe dictates.

Bonus tip: keep it in your jacket when soaking to warm you up on a cold evening!



  • Lightweight and compact - only 2 oz and packed size of 7x1.5x1.5 inches
  • Tapered design so Buc sits upright when full
  • Ounce increment measurements for easy cooking
  • Tethered slider
  • Durable - despite the soft material, this little bag has a breaking point of over 300 lbs
  • FDA approved and BPA, BPF, and BPS free

Please note: TPU is a porous material and is not completely odor-free after production. Please clean and air prior to use. Hand wash recommended.


  • Capacity: 650 ml / 22 oz
  • Packed size: 7x1.5x1.5 in / 17.5x3.75x3.75 cm
  • Trail size: 7x7 in / 17.5x17.5 cm
  • Weight: 64.7 g / 2.3 oz
  • Made from FDA approved, food-safe TPU
  • BPA, BPF, and BPS free
  • Operational temperatures: 20°F (-6°C) to 212°F (100°C) - can handle boiling water but we recommend letting them cool a bit to avoid burning.
  • Made in China

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
G Mdk
Poorly Designed

After receiving delivery I immediately knew I had made a purchasing mistake. I should have listened to the bad reviews. The bag is poorly designed with its pleated bottom that makes it virtually impossible to get the corners clean; especially when fighting against the stiff closure mechanism to keep the bag open. And it is true that the bag opening cannot be turned down if there is food in the bag without making a complete mess. So, good luck holding the stiff closure open with one hand while you're spooning out food with the other. Don't make the same mistake I made. Listen to the bad reviews.

Not at all what I hoped for

I read all the bad reviews before I placed my order, but chose to ignore them in hopes it would work. Unfortunately it’s as bad as everyone says it is. The bag is just too small, also it would be more ideal if it could stand and stay somewhat open on its own. I’m not crazy about pouring boiling water whilst having to hold the bag open. Cleaning it is a nightmare.
Great idea poorly executed in my opinion.

Not usable as a rehydration bag

I love the cnoc water bags so was excited to try a food rehydration product. Unfortunately this bad is not usable for that purpose. I agree 💯 with other reviews that describe the difficulty folding the top, the tricky corners, etc. I'll see if I can use this for some dry goods storage instead.

Hi Grace,

Thanks for your review and I'm sorry to hear the Buc isn't working for you! I wanted to mention that the directions to fold down the bag actually predates a design change we made to the Buc. We changed the size of the bag to hold two servings instead of three so long handled spoons could reach the bottom. Given that, the direction to fold the bag over is largely obsolete and will be removed from the packaging on our next production run of Bucs. Hope this helps clear up some confusion folks have been having! Thanks again for your review.

Just Disco
Useless gimmick

Avoid. The top is incredibly difficult to invert due to the stiffness of the closure, and impossible to turn down once food is in the bag without it extruding everywhere. The bag doesn’t stand up so filling is difficult, and the four nano corners in the bottom fold are impossible to clean in the field. The material also breaks down with exposure to UV and heat. Don’t waste your time. Get a silicone stand up zip loc bag for a fraction of the cost.


I tried a pair of these out with some homemade dehydrated food on an overnight recently: one for dinner and one for breakfast. They were brilliant, especially paired with a reflectix coozy to keep the heat in. It was really nice not have that aftertaste from the food bag or Ziploc, and I appreciated the peace of mind that cafe with knowing the bags were food-safe and free of harmful plastic byproducts. I'm never going back to the old way!

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