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How to Use Trekking Poles
Trekking and hiking poles are designed to give extra confidence and stability on the trail. Knowing how to use hiking poles can be very helpful. It doesn't matter if you're hiking rough mountain trails or need better stability on a...
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Team Spotlight: Becky
Who are you? Give us some highlights from your past I’m Becky, or if you catch me on trail, Gandalf! I’m a two time thru-hiker (the AT and PCT), extremely average trail runner (I did place second in a trail...
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Why Cnoc Doesn't "Do" Black Friday
Black Friday is a phenomenon that started as a very US-centric event and in the last decade or so, has become a global day (or week, or even a month).  I (Gilad, founder of Cnoc) grew up in Israel and then moved...
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