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Working to B Better- UPDATE! BIG NEWS! We are B Corp™ Certified!
We did it! On June 2, 2021, our B Lab assessment team officially informed CNOC Outdoors that we had fulfilled all requirements to become B Corp™ certified! 

“Being a B Corp™ is a more organized system to allow us to become a better company. It is not a goal to be a B Corp™, but only a step in the process of self examination around social, ethical and environmental issues in order to make sure that CNOC does more good than harm.” - Gilad, CNOC's Founder 
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CNOC's Answer To Disposable Plastics
Geology, a brief story of plastic, and an introduction to the Vesica Water Bottle and the Curn Cup, CNOC's newest lightweight TPU hydration products that provide an ultra-light and packable alternative to single use plastics. If you love the Vecto Water bladder, you'll love these as well.
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Unlikely Hikers - CNOC Outdoor's Autumn Outreach
Each Fall, Cnoc Outdoors pledges 10% of the revenue from our website to an organization working hard to keep up our trails and care for our communities. For October 2020, our recipient is Unlikely Hikers, a diverse, anti-racist, body-liberating outdoor community featuring the underrepresented outdoorsperson. In the past, Cnoc Outdoors has donated staff time and products in support of Unlikely Hikers sponsored hikes and events. 
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Making an Impact - Our DEI Journey Begins
Greetings, my name is Nathan, I’m the newest member of the Cnoc Outdoors team, and I’m pretty excited to be part of this small but mighty company. My official role is Impact and Outreach Manager, which means I’ll be focusing on the environmental, ethical and social impacts of the company, and supporting our outreach efforts.

And, since Cnoc Outdoors is small and scrappy, I also help pack orders, build trekking poles (they are nearly ready to ship, and they are going to be awesome), clean the bathroom, write blog posts, and water the plants.
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