Replacement Lower Section for Telescopic CF Pole

Replacement Lower Section for Telescopic CF Pole

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Probably the most abused part of any trekking pole!

This is the lower (bottom) section for the CNOC Outdoors trekking poles (not the UL Staff) made of carbon fiber and includes a tip and a rubber cap.

Easily fix your pole if you had too much fun and/or fell and broke it.


  • Diameter: 14mm (13.6mm actual)
  • Length: 69cm
  • Weight: 43g
  • Includes a rubber tip
  • Made in USA


Customer Reviews

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John Frampton
Nice finish but doesn’t fix my middle section correctly

I bought my poles during the Kickstarter event and have been using them happily ever since. While skiing with them this winter I snapped the lower section on one of them. I ordered this replacement and it came fairly quickly, the finish on it is much nicer than my Kickstarter poles. Unfortunately they must have changed the diameter of them ever so slightly because when I clamped them into the midsection the pole slide once weight was placed on them. I was able to over tighter the clamp to make it work but the clamp is at 110% of its tightness now and still slips of weight is on them.

William Landon Farrell
Just Like the Chesham Farmer's Axe

There is a story told of a farmer who lived in nearby Chesham, New Hampshire. The farmer often boasted that he "had the sharpest and most durable axe in the region". The farmer said that, as a young boy, his grandfather had given him the axe and that he'd been using it every day for the past 72 years. He went on to say that while he had replaced the handle six times and the head twice, it remains the "best damn axe he ever owned".

In many ways, my CNOC carbon trekking poles are like the Chesham Farmer's axe.

Through the past two years, I've hiked, Nordic walked and snowshoed hundreds (perhaps a thousands) of miles, replaced the carbide tips three times, changed three pairs of mud baskets, replaced my snow basket and when I recently got the lower shaft snagged in my snowshoe when I crashed down a ravine, I had to order and replace the broken lower shaft.

And yet, everything else that should have broken or worn out from my near daily use of these poles...hasn't!

When I purchased these poles back in June of 2020, the advertisement said that "these CNOC trekking poles would be the last pair of trekking poles that I would ever buy".

What kind of business model is this?

Imagine, making a product that can "last" a lifetime.

Perhaps someday, I too will leave my CNOC trekking poles to my grandson...just like the Chesham Farmer.