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mud run shoes
mud run shoes
mudder boots
mudder boots
mudder boots
mudder boots
mudder boots
mudder boots
mudder boots
mudder boots
MUDPONS Traction Device V1
MUDPONS Traction Device V1
MUDPONS Traction Device V1

MUDPONS Traction Device V1

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Turn your shoes, boots, and even sandals into mud-eating monsters, providing traction on slick muddy terrain. 

Great for urban runners putting in miles from sidewalks to trails. Strap the Mudpons over your road shoes at the trailhead and get the best of both worlds. Save the tread on your trail shoes for those long backcountry days, or even use the Mudpons to extend the life of your favorite worn-down trail shoes. 

Bikepackers, pack Mudpons for those unrideable hike-a-bike sections and transform your flat-soled bike shoes into trail shoes to get up the wet or steep grade.

Take the Mudpons on a dog walk to add traction to your daily kicks at the park when the dog sees that squirrel. SQUIRREL!


Want to learn how the MUDPONS came to be? Check out this blog post.

Note: As these go over your shoes, it is best to size up with thick soled shoes like Altras or Hokas and double size up if you are planning to use them with boots .

Size Chart:


  • Weight (Pair, Large): 310g / 11oz
  • Sole Material: Rice Husk Rubber
  • Harness Material: TPU
  • Strap Material: Nylon Webbing
  • Lug Length: 8-10mm
  • Packaged in Mesh Bag
  • Fits in Running Vest Pocket
  • Made in China
  • U.S. Patent 11,464,277

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Brilliant! LOVE

I work on a horse farm located in the rural foothills of coastal California. You may have heard about ALL THE WATER we’ve been getting?! Well, while we’ve successfully diverted the worst of the runoff, everything is still muddy & since we are on a hill, I slip & fall a lot when feeding our animals. Between my 50y/o body & a full ACL reconstruction this is no bueno. Put the Mudpons on an old pair of boots and I am so so happy with the results! They give me just enough traction to get around and the one time I slipped, it was mild & was able to catch myself without damage—walking in uneven footing while carrying flakes of hay make it hard to look where you are going, so that was user error & not the equipment.The equipment actually solved FOR user error. What is really helpful is because of the type of rubber, I don’t slip & slide on pavement, stall mats or the wood floor in our barn as I would with soccer cleats. The mud doesn’t get caked into the cleats either, so great design! Getting a few more sets now before this batch is gone that will hopefully last until they can be manufactured again!

Size Up For Hokas

If you are like me and do run in Hokas make sure you size up. I am a usual 7.5 in size and ordered the small based on the size guide. (Make sure to read the FAQs about this brand in advance and actually listen) I had to reorder the medium size so they can (Hopefully) fit true to my Hokas for my upcoming trip. Other than that seems like a great product. Just ensure to size up if you are wearing anything with a thicker bottom like HOKAS.

My Pup is ecstatic - the human has traction control!

BLUF: These are a great product and the Support team are awesome.

I needed something to give me better traction so I wasn't constantly yanking on my poor pup everytime I lost traction on our hikes. These accomplished that on light loose trail gravel and that thin layer wet mud (mud equivalent of black ice). Haven't experienced deeper mud yet, but I am very happy with these results.

Additionally, the customer support is amazing. I had an issue and in less than 4 hrs after my email to Support, Kate had replied and given me the info I needed to start an exchange process. 20 hrs after I submitted the ticket, I had a new shipping confirmation and another personal email from Kate providing some additional instructions.

One tip: You will see there is a note on the page about ordering up a size for use with boots. I wear Mini-mil boots (minimalist combat style boots) so the first time I ordered the exact size vs going up. I discovered however that I actually needed to go *down* a size for a proper fit. 6.5 Mens/38.5 Eur required an X-Small. So, if you wear minimalist footwear, make sure you do the living room/carpet test run first so if there are fit issues, you can do the needed swap. The Support team are awesome and will answer questions quickly and take good care of you.


I found these researching after getting tired of slipping and sliding and too often falling on muddy trails. The origin story of this product mimics my thought on the need. Today on muddy trails with some steep hills they worked remarkably. I had traction 99% of everywhere and am now a strong promoter. Need to tweak the adjustments a bit and can't speak to how they hold up but will be advocating to all my hiking friends to get a pair. THANK YOU for creating these!!

Andy Neal
A must from springtime, after snow melt hiking!

If you’re hiking in the spring time anywhere that has the snowmelt these are a must. Many hiking shoes and trail runners provide traction, but MUDPONS give you that extra grip to keep you from face planting into the mud! i’ve used them several times now on the trail and now they are a staple in my pack during the muddy spring months on the trail. they’re easy to slip on and off and light weight and even just be clipped onto the back of a pack after use to dry out. They truly are innovative and a lifesaver. I wish I would’ve had his last spring for me and my kids as we definitely have our shares of slips and falls in the mountains in the muddy after snow melts spring!