Our Team

Gilad Nachmani is Cnoc’s founder and owner. His official job duties include a little bit of everything - no other employee wears as many hats. Born in Israel, Gilad’s outdoor adventure resume is very international and includes some of every kind of adventure - from backpacking to bikepacking to introducing the outdoors to his children.

Mika Nachmani is Cnoc’s co-founder. While she doesn’t have a day to day role at Cnoc, she was integral to its founding and is involved both in HR and strategy. While Mika will downplay her own outdoor resume, she’s backpacked, bikepacked, and traversed long distances all sorts of ways, often with a few kids in tow. 

Adrian is Cnoc’s lead fabricator. He builds every trekking pole, tent pole, and stake that comes out of our warehouse. He’s Gilad’s sounding board when brainstorming new products as well as ways to improve the ones we currently make. Adrian went to an environmental middle school here in Portland that resulted in a lifelong love of the outdoors, and he knows the trails around our neck of the woods in Northwest Oregon better than anyone - it’s not easy to find one he hasn’t backpacked.

Kyle is Cnoc’s logistics and social impact manager.  He manages our Portland warehouse - when you open your box of much anticipated gear, it was likely Kyle who lovingly packed it for you. He also heads our social impact initiatives, like our staff trail work, outreach programs, and our B Corp status. He’s a former PCT thru-hiker and it’s rare for there to be a weekend he isn’t out on some mountain or another.

Becky is Cnoc’s marketing and customer experience manager. She runs the social accounts, sends out newsletters, keeps the Cnoc blog running. She also handles all things relating to your experience communicating with Cnoc, like customer inquiries and warranties. She’s hiked the AT and the PCT and is currently trying to become a better trail runner to achieve a better mileage to life balance.