42mm Vecto Water Container
42mm Vecto Water Container
42mm Vecto Water Container
42mm Vecto Water Container
42mm Vecto Water Container
42mm Vecto Water Container
42mm Vecto Water Container
42mm Vecto Water Container

42mm Vecto Water Container

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Fresh, cool, filtered backcountry water just tastes better. The Vecto allows you to easily collect, store and treat water, using your filter of choice.

The Vecto is light, durable and easy to handle. It is easy to fill with just a couple of scoops, carry to a dry camp or filter on the spot with a 42mm compatible filter, like the Katadyn BeFree. Leave more time to really enjoy your hike or just time at camp with a quick and simple filtering system.


  • Dual opening design - slider sealed wide opening and screw neck
  • Attaches to filters with a 42 mm thread, such as the BeFree
  • Easy to fill and simple to clean and dry due to the wide opening
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Tethered cap and slider
  • Durable- despite the soft material, the Vecto has a breaking point of 220 lbs
  • FDA approved and BPA, BPS, and BPF free 


  • 1 liters / 35 oz
  • 2 liters / 68 oz
  • 3 liters / 96 oz
Packed size:
  • 1L: 7x2x1.5 in / 17.5x5x3.5 cm
  • 2L: 7x2x1.8 in / 17.5x5x4.3 cm
  • 3L: 7x2x2 in / 17.5x5x5 cm
Trail size:
  • 1L: 10x7 in / 25.5x17.5 cm
  • 2L: 13.5x7 in / 34x17.5 cm
  • 3L: 17x7 in / 43x17.5 cm
  • 1L: 79 g / 2.8 oz
  • 2L: 87 g / 3.1 oz
  • 3L: 96 g / 3.4 oz 
  • Made from FDA approved TPU
  • BPA, BPF and BPS free
  • Operational temperatures: 20°F (-6°C) to 120°F (49°C)
  • Handmade in China

Please note: TPU is a porous material and so is not completely smell free after production, please clean and air prior to use. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Clever but flawedd

I could not get a good seal with my Katadyn BeFree filter. It consistently leaked. This was not a problem with the included lid.

Hi Bret,

Thanks for your review! We're happy to troubleshoot this issue with you, please reach out to us at support@cnocoutdoors.com or at our support portal on our site.

New leaking Vecto

I filled my Vecto up with tap water and left it on the side for 12 hours over night and in the morning I noticed a pool of water at the wide filling end. I checked that it was secure and it was. Plus I noticed a change of colour in the Vecto it now as a yellow tinge. I have since found out this is common but I want to be able to see the actual colour of the water and not have to pour it out to see. My HydraPak containers i.e shape shift and others have never changed colour over night. I was expecting a high quality product and the Vecto fell short.

Hi Eden,

We're sorry to hear that your Vecto is leaking! We're happy to help if you would please fill out a warranty claim via our support portal -> submit a ticket -> warranty.

In regards to the coloring, it is due to our TPU being BPA-free. We never use BPA (part of the polymer that keeps plastics completely clear - but can also cause cancer) in our products. Thus, every BPA-free plastic is sensitive to discoloring. Discoloration does not affect your Vecto's function, safety or performance. Fortunately, we provide some methods to help with discoloration using household ingredients at our Vecto FAQ, which you can also find on our support portal.


I ordered and received two of the Vecto 2 L pouches about two years ago, due to being frustrated with failures with the Sawyer water pouches that I’d been using previously in conjunction with my Sawyer Squeeze filter. After using the Vecto for two years approximately, one of them has sprung a leak in one of the welded seams up by the screw cap. I contacted the company rep and was told that because it’s out of the one-year warranty that it would not be replaced even if it were a manufacturing defect and they didn’t know if that was true or not. I understand that it is past the warranty and have no problems with that part but I am disappointed that the unit failed so soon. That’s not any different really than the Sawyer pouches I’ve been using previously. And there is a considerable weight difference between the Sawyer and the Vecto along with pricing. I can buy 3 Sawyer pouches for 1 Vecto. Also, the Sawyers are more readily field repaired. Tough to seal that silicone on the Vecto. Also, the wide mouth closure piece wants to poke holes in either my pack or things inside the pack. I have to be careful about where I put it.
So maybe that one Vecto was just a one off. My other pouch is fine and I'll continue to use it until it dies. Until I see that it does substantially better than the dead Vecto, I won't buy another and I'll go back to using some Sawyer pouches in conjunction with my Vecto. Bummer.

Very useful

I got the 2 liter size that works with the Katadyn filter along with a GearTie to hang it as a gravity filter. I used this on a backpacking trip to collect water for filtration. It works very well.

Does exactly what you want

Just used this on a 5 day Tahoe Rim Trail hike. I used it along with a BeFree from Katadyn and a nalgene bottle. The combo is ideal. The CNOC worked great in various water sources for fast filling and scooping. There was no trouble using the filter in the 42mm opening. My only notes are that it is a little hard to dry out once you clean it and it could use some kind of loop or hook or opening for hanging from a pack more easily as it isn't ideally shaped for most external pack pockets once it's full. I will probably buy another, or a 2 liter. The only thing I can't comment on is durability, but it seems strong and seems to be the same material as the Katadyn product.