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CleanHands Valve

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Wash your hands...anywhere! 

Introducing the CleanHands Valve

Staying safe these days includes practicing proper hygiene while enjoying the backcountry, sharing your favorite trails, or picnicking with the family. We all know things get a little grubby out there, and the CleanHands is here to help! 

Our CleanHands Valve is the perfect ultralight tool to keep your hands clean and you safe.

Simply attach the valve to your 28mm threaded container of choice (a Vecto, of course), invert and hang with a handy Gear-Tie. Place your hands underneath and "pump" the water out as needed. 

As a bonus, no more cracked, dried out skin because you are excessively dousing yourself and loved ones with hand sanitizer :)


  • Weight: 5.9 g
  • Dimensions: 7.8 cm x 3.3 cm
  • Components: 3D printed resin housing, Nylon plunger and silicone o-ring
  • Made in USA

If you would like to 3d print your own, you can find the file here. We use SLA technology, printing on a Form 3 printer using Tough 1500 resin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Must have virtually weightless accessory

Works for washing and even a super light shower option. I put the dirty water bag in the sun on a dark rock and it was a delight to use this to wash up each day. It doesn't always 100% seal but just give it a little tug off.

Ben Liesman
Great concept

I like the idea and have used it on several trips. My only complaint is getting it tight enough to not leak. I have to tighten as tight as I can 2-3 times before I can get it to stop leaking. I have learned to just leave it attached but then the bag is not as useful. You do have to giggle with the valve sometimes to stop it from leaking but as light as it is it still works great.

So close

The concept is a 5/5, but if I could suggest one thing it would be for the valve to be improved not to drip so easily when not pressed. My first trip I used this in Texas in July where I had to carry all my water in/no place to filter--the valve has a slow but steady drip when hanging but not in use. Not a place to lose precious water! In the end I started tucking the stem of the valve into a loop in the Paracord I was hanging the Vecto from to keep it higher than the water. Have used that trick on 3 more trips now but it would be so much nicer if it just sealed a smidge better.

42 mm

Ooh, love it, got one, now want a 42 mm please!

Ultralight Backcountry Shower head

Love this! It weighs 6 grams on my scale. I tried this in the shower with my cnoc vecto 3L. Works great. It will work great as an ultralight backcountry shower for those mutli-day trips between towns to keep the stink down! :)

Hi VLo, thanks for your review! We're so happy to hear you love the CleanHands and found yet another way to use it in the backcountry :)
Happy hiking,
Customer Engagement
CNOC Outdoors

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