Why Mudpons and Trekking Poles?

Why Mudpons and Trekking Poles?

2023 note: The sale of our trekking poles has moved over to our new brand Diorite Gear

For the next week, Cnoc is running a special in which the purchase of a pair of trekking poles comes with a free pair of Mudpons. We wanted to answer a few FAQ’s folks may have about the sale for folks that may not be familiar with our Mudpons. 

What’s a Mudpon and who are they for?

Good question! Our Mudpons are over the shoe traction devices similar to crampons, except they’re made of rubber and meant for mud instead of snow! They’ll help your shoes grip onto muddy terrain. As for who they’re for? There’s a few types of outdoor adventurers that may benefit from Mudpons:

  • Trail runners that want extra traction on their shoes
  • Folks that go for runs that switch between mud and gravel and would like to be able to adapt their road running shoes to the conditions
  • Folks that hike in extremely muddy conditions 
  • Leave no trace conscious folks that don’t want to contribute to trail widening by skirting around the sides of muddy trails
  • Older folks or folks with balance issues that could use extra traction support
  • Bikepackers who would like to add traction to their biking shoes when hiking their bike.

Where can I learn more about Mudpons?

We recommend folks check out the Mudpon product page for full details on fit and sizing.

Why this sale?

We take a lot of pride in our roots here in the Pacific Northwest and wanted to do something to celebrate the terrain we become accustomed to during our fall adventures. We also wanted to celebrate the fact that unfavorable conditions don’t mean a season of being trapped inside, so long as you have the right gear! 

Why with trekking poles?

At the end of the day, both our Mudpons and our trekking poles are designed to serve a similar purpose - to keep you upright and on your feet, whatever the trail throws at you. Chances are folks that could benefit from a pair of Mudpons could also benefit from a pair of trekking poles - and vice versa.

How do I shop the sale?



Simply put a set of trekking poles and a pair of Mudpons in your cart and the discount will apply automatically. Note that the sale does not apply to refurbished poles or single trekking pole orders. The sale ends at 11:59pm PST on November 23rd, 2022. 


  • Anita Bath

    Great pictures! Didn’t know I needed these. Makes sense for my shoulder season hiking.

  • Gregg

    Great addition to one’s purchase!

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