Why Doesn't Cnoc Sell Poles Anymore?

Why Doesn't Cnoc Sell Poles Anymore?

We know everyone is wondering: why did you decide to launch a new brand? Why can't the poles just continue being sold under Cnoc? Those are good questions answered by a statement very few people know:

Cnoc Outdoors started as a trekking pole brand.

Gilad was near Cnoc na-Gareig in the Scottish Highlands when he snapped his last pair of commercially made poles and decided to make his own. Our first product was our poles.

The popularity of the Vecto, while welcomed, has pushed to the side our original product, which we've so proudly developed for the last seven years. The poles have had their own quiet journey as they've undergone redesign and manufacturing changes that have led them to become the first - and only! - made in the US trekking poles. We wanted to give them the chance to be out from behind the Vecto's shadow - we feel very confident the poles are deserving of the limelight. 

Beyond that, the trajectory of our carbon fiber products was going in such a vastly different direction than our hydration products. Minimal Gear, the folks behind both Cnoc Outdoors and Diorite Gear, is still a small team of five outdoor enthusiasts, but we grow every year. Having each brand exist as its own separate brand will allow us to grow in a more thoughtful way in the future - putting the right folks and resources behind each brand. 

Those of you that have followed along since Cnoc's origins know that Cnoc is fueled by ingenuity and a genuine desire to make products we ourselves wanted to own. Allowing the trekking poles to flourish under Diorite Gear will give us space to continue nurturing that ideal. Separate brands will allow us to maintain an "inventor-first" mindset - giving us the freedom to explore new designs without being limited by the product range we currently offer.

The current stock of Cnoc branded poles will remain on the site until there's none left. The Diorite poles will remain compatible with all parts from Cnoc poles. We are offering them 20% off, along with the rest of our carbon fiber products, which will slowly migrate to Diorite Gear over the coming months. That discount will apply automatically at checkout. If you'd like to follow that product range as it grows and expands, please head over to Diorite Gear.

We're excited to continue making gear we know you'll love. We're excited to continue making gear in ways we're proud of. We're excited to show you everything Cnoc Outdoors and Diorite Gear have to offer you now that they have the breathing room to grow the ways in which they individually see fit. As always, we're excited to show you what we have in store. 

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  • Brian Keenan

    I just read about the branding change on r/ultralight. I am glad to read it’s just a branding change, and not that you were selling out to someone else. I bought my poles 2 years ago specifically because I liked your business model (made in the USA) and choices (the ability to purchase each part separately if ever needed.) Please don’t change either attribute!

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