What Is New With The 2019 Vecto?

What Is New With The 2019 Vecto?

We are happy to release the 2nd generation of our successful Vecto! 

In late 2017, the Vecto came to be after a successful crowd-funding campaign. It wasn't a huge one, but a successful one that allowed me to start making the Vecto. In that original campaign, I had a few stretch goals that didn't materialize: adding a tether to the slider and a tether to the cap. Now, after the ability to invest more money into parts and molds, the 2019 Vecto will have those stretch goals.

What is new, a clear list:

  • Tether for the cap using a stiff TPU connector around the neck
  • Tether for the slider using stretchy TPU connecting on end the slider to the stiffer closing lip
  • Longer neck (5mm longer than the 1st Gen) that will allow more caps, connectors, and filters to be attached to the Vecto
  • New threads that will allow an even more universal connection. Read more about why we are so obsessed with threads here.
  • Stiffer caps with deeper seal rings to ensure a sealed closure
  • New slider: slimmer and lighter than the 1st Gen, even sponsoring a little "CNOC" embossing on it
  • Clear marking on the red (or green) lip "this side in" to avoid any folding errors
  • Slimmer and more efficient closure: easier to fit the slider but a more secure fit
  • A new version: 42mm neck for BeFree filters or easier chemical treatment!
BeFree Vecto in box

    To go with the release of the new Vecto (which we are very excited about) we have dropped the price on the 1st Gen Vectos. All the 2018 Vectos currently offered on our site, or on Amazon, include the August update of a stiffer neck and updated slide—a great chance to get a deal!

    What is next for the Vecto?

    Though I feel that this Vecto is what I always wanted it to be, it is lacking in production. Currently, the Vecto is manually made in China. That means that every single Vecto is assembled by a person using a radio frequency (RF) welding machine. The only way to make the Vecto viable is to continue making it in China (US quotes are about 5 times higher) and our factory has been working hard to improve their QA. 

    Despite the improvement in the production line in China, I still hope to automate the production of the Vecto one day to provide a consistent result. Even the best factory (and ours is getting there) can have a small miss by a tired worker, and no one wants to be the one to get the "Friday Afternoon" Vecto. 

    We will continue to work on finding a way to make the Vectos efficiently, ethically, and consistently good; it just might take longer than I want!


    • Becky @ Cnoc

      Hey Eden! Unfortunately, the Hydrapak products use proprietary threading, so we’re unable to design threading that can be compatible with their products and others. I understand your frustration – feel free to reach out to support@cnocoutdoors.com if you interested in a return!

    • eden

      I am a bit disappointed that my 42mm Cnoc isn’t compatible with Hydrapak lids and filter. they fit but leak.
      this was the only reason for my purchase.

    • Survival Snake

      I’ve been using the Vecto for over a year in all different environments on a regular basis, and it hasn’t failed me yet. Freakin’ indestructible and so easy to use and clean. Best bag for collecting water I have found to date, and it is a perfect match to my Sawyer mini. I’ve got two of them…saving one for the apocalypse.

    • Lauren

      Hi, Shawn. Did you know about our Tallest Vecto Contest? Send us some pictures! https://cnocoutdoors.com/blogs/blog/two-contests-for-2019-tallest-vecto-and-farthest-vecto-competitions

    • Tikki

      I used the original bladder on the PCT in 2018. CNOC has done exactly what I would have suggested!!! The CNOC bladder performed exactly as I wanted. The improvements make it even better! Good Luck in your pursuit of creating a perfect product!!

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