Vecto vs VectoX - Which One Should I Buy?

Vecto vs VectoX - Which One Should I Buy?

In the Five years since our first Vecto, we’ve thrown all kinds of new versions at you - different sizes, different filter compatibilities, collaborative designs. It’s our most popular product and as such, we have the luxury of hearing all the different tweaks and versions Vecto users want - as well as the luxury of sometimes creating them! When we first introduced the Vecto, we didn’t have the resources to make multiple versions but now that we do, we enjoy giving folks the opportunity to make some choices about which product works best for them.

The newest version of the Vecto is the VectoX! It’s the same great Vecto, but the plastic body is a thicker TPU (.04mm instead of .03mm) making it much more durable than the original Vecto. It’s also a bit heavier than the original Vecto - the regular 2L Vecto comes in at 2.8 ounces and the 2L VectoX weighs 3.25 ounces. Since the different uses between these versions aren’t as clear as say, between a 2L and 3L Vecto, we wanted to explain who we had in mind when we designed the VectoX to help you make an informed decision of which version makes more sense in your kit. The VectoX may be for you if:

1. You’re going on a VERY long trip

Thru-hikes are a lot for any piece of gear. Things get used daily, they never really dry out, they are rarely cleaned. Just like you, your gear goes through a lot on a thru-hike and just like you, your gear may have some wear and tear on the other side. The VectoX was specifically designed with thru-hikers in mind. It is a heavier piece of gear and there may be folks who would prefer to carry an original Vecto and a Tear Aid Patch or two for the weight savings - but we wanted an alternative for folks who just wanted a water bag that would hang in there with them all 2000+ miles.

2. You don’t care about weight, and would rather get the version that lasts the longest

Like all lightweight backpacking gear, we made the Vecto trying to balance three things - cost, weight, and durability. The original Vecto is the best balance of those things. But if weight is of no consequence to you and you’d rather just have the most durable product for your buck, the VectoX is the option that makes the most sense for you.

3. You struggle to carefully maintain gear

Hey, zero shame. If you’re the kind of person who accidentally leaves your Vecto baking in the sun, the VectoX is for you. If you’re the kind of person who stores your gear in your unheated garage all winter, the VectoX is for you. If you’re the kind of person who tosses around your gear willy-nilly, the VectoX is for you. If you’re the kind of person who throws their pack into their closet as soon as you get home from a trip without cleaning or drying anything - the VectoX is for you (it will still get mildew though). We know you all exist! And truthfully, caring for gear is its own chore and even folks that are on top of it make mistakes sometimes. If it’s a task you struggle with, the VectoX might be right for you - although full disclosure, it won’t absolve you from gear maintenance entirely. 

There may be more usages for the VectoX we don’t see yet, but hopefully this helps you in your decision of which version of the Vecto to get. Happy hiking!


  • Peter Kopca

    Just wanted to say I had a great experience with your customer service and warranty claim people. Look forward to trying the newer product and I hope it meets expectations thru the whole AT. Thank You

  • Becky @ Cnoc

    Hi Rosie, we actually redesigned the neck weld of all our Vectos about a year ago to address this issue. A year in, we aren’t hearing about issues with the new weld. Both the regular Vecto and the VectoX have that updated weld, so you don’t need to purchase a VectoX to get a reinforced neck.

  • Rosie

    I hope you reinforced the seam better near the bottom, where the screwcap fitting attaches to the bag. That seam is very prone to leaks and is arguably the weakest point of the bag.

  • Becky @ Cnoc

    As of right now, the VectoX only comes in a 28mm neck, which isn’t compatible with a BeFree filter. We’re getting the VectoX in a 42mm neck soon!

  • Kim Moore

    Hi. I’m looking at getting a 3L for a trip my hubby and I are going on. Is the VectoX compatible with the BeFree filter? Thank you!

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