Vecto Spring Update

Vecto Spring Update

Much has changed with the Vecto in the last few weeks, from the material consistency to a new color and some planned updates on the next generation Vecto. So we have put together a summary:

Vecto changes based on your feedback

The biggest update to the Vecto was released in March, after finding that the original slider didn't create enough pressure to completely seal some Vectos. The first step was to look into redesigning the inner pressure lip to increase the seal, but that was only for future Vectos and would need some significant adjustments to the slider molds. Instead, we added an inner lip inside the slider to increase pressure - a solution that worked well and can be applied to any previous version of the Vecto. (If you need a new slider, get in touch).

New Vecto Slider

The second update was to the screw neck: the original idea was to have a softer TPU that will allow for a seal even under lower tightening conditions (without the need for a seal) but that proved to be less functional for most users. The necks now have a stiffer TPU that is still a little flexible to allow for a good seal. This is a new release for this month.

The next update was to the caps - a bigger inner ring was added to make sure the neck and cap create a complete seal. This makes it slightly harder to screw on, but it ensures a good seal without increasing the mechanical complexity (like adding a seal). This is also available from this month.

We hope this will make the Vecto an even better version and if you think you have other tweaks, ideas and feedback that will further improve the user experience, send an email to

A new color!

Way back when the Vecto was first launched, we immediately got the simple request for a way to identify a dirty water Vecto vs a clean water one. This is especially important if you like to use a dual Vecto system for gravity filtering. The simplest way to solve this was by creating another color, so we did.

From May 1st we have the blue Vecto - same as the orange but with a blue slider and cap and a green inner lip. This is to make all the parts clearly identifiable. 




The blue was your choice based on a little survey we did 4 months ago and we hope the blue we picked is easy enough to find without looking garish. I find that the blue is the perfect color for clean water.

The last thing to mention about the blue Vecto is that it has all the above updates mentioned.

This Vecto is also available on Amazon (just like the orange) if that is how you prefer to shop.

Looking forward

The fact that the Vecto works doesn't mean it can't be better. At this point, though, it hard to justify investing in big change as we are creating new molds for US production (see below). Any changes would require tweaks to the molds in China rather than creating a whole new part - it is just too expensive.

In order to continue innovating around the Vecto, there is a 3L version being tested now (by a couple of customers with Vecto experience) and will go through a month or two of testing by a bunch of hikers and backpackers. If the existing design proves convenient and practical enough, a 3L orange Vecto will be available by early summer.

I'm also working on a few accessories that will help make the Vecto a much better tool in the backcountry, but would love to hear your ideas too! Send an email to, just keep in mind that it needs to be simple and each part needs a whole new mold!

Some of my ideas are:

  • 28 dual female connector with a breather and a valve to fill multiple containers in a gravity system without the loss of water.
  • An easy clip system to hang the Vecto 
  • A locking clip to keep the slider from opening accidentally on long water hauls.

Speaking of a lock, here is an excellent little trick to lock your Vecto, let us know if you would like us to offer something like that:

2nd Gen US-made Vecto

Progress is being made on the US made Vecto with a complete overhaul of all the parts and a critical look into performance and weight. The process is still long but the design is finalized and we will start making the molds soon.

The next generation will have:

  • Tethered cap
  • Tethered slider
  • Slimmer (and lighter) slider
  • Thinner (yet stronger) TPU film for the bladder
  • A BeFree version neck

US-Made parts

All the above parts are designed and now being stress tested to make sure the slimmer versions will work for our needs.

If we can get the funding in time, we hope to offer the US versions by the end of summer/early fall.

That is it, with this exciting note I hope you all have a great spring with lots of nature time, see you on the trail!

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