What's New With Cnoc? - New Products, Design Updates, and More!

What's New With Cnoc? - New Products, Design Updates, and More!

Now that Diorite Gear is officially launched, what’s going on with Cnoc? Our first brand, Cnoc Outdoors, may have been in the background the last few months as we worked to bring Diorite Gear into existence, but that doesn’t mean there aren't new and exciting things happening in Cnoc land as well! With Cnoc now able to exist as a dedicated hydration brand, you’ll see Cnoc have the chance to expand and grow similar to our goals for Diorite. Read on for a full list of changes, planned products, and other new Cnoc related developments!

Vecto Updates:

If you’ve ordered a new Vecto from us in the last year or so, you may have noticed it has a different neck weld than the Vectos that came before it. For years, if a customer had a pinhole, odds were it was in that weld - which made sense, as it was the place two different material densities were fused together, which inevitably created the most likely fail point on the bag. When we designed the Vesica, there was a similar need for two different material densities to be fused together, but we didn’t see nearly the number of customer issues at the weld point. So last summer, we redesigned the Vecto neck weld with what we learned from the Vesica in mind - and it’s been an overwhelming success. Almost a year in, the only issues we’re seeing with our welds come from Vectos that predate the design change.

42mm VectoX:

In the fall, we launched the VectoX, a Vecto made with a thicker TPU as a more durable option for thru-hikers or folks that really put their gear through the ringer. It’s clearly filled a need, and in the coming months, we’ll be expanding our VectoX offerings to include our 42mm neck size. Thru-hikers with the Katadyn BeFree rejoice!

New Vesica Sizes:

We like making products people ask for, and this is one of them. The Vesica - just in different sizes! Keep an eye on our newsletter over the summer to get yours.

Expanded TPU Product Catalog:

Have you ever reached out to us with a product idea? If you have and we liked your idea, it goes on the big R&D spreadsheet. If multiple people reach out about the same product idea, we make note. We’re excited to have a couple of products from that document in the works for this summer. Curious to know if it was your idea? Make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter - all new products get announced there first!

All Carbon Fiber Products Migrated to Diorite:

We know, it’s getting repetitive! But we want to make sure folks know where to find our products going forward. All our carbon fiber products are going to be sold through our new site, dioritegear.com. Our Cnoc product listings will remain on the site with links to their Diorite Gear equivalents for folks that have missed the memo.

Like Diorite, we’re excited to show you what our hydration products can offer with their own dedicated brand. Stay tuned to see all we have in store!

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