The Cnoc Staff's Outdoor Highlights of the Year

The Cnoc Staff's Outdoor Highlights of the Year

The Cnoc staff takes their weekends and vacations very seriously - we don’t just think it’s good for us to get our outside adventures in, it’s good for the company too. We’re very proud of our collective outdoor resume, which is why you’ll so often find us sharing it with you on this blog. In keeping with that value and as the year neared to a close, I asked every Cnoc team member two questions: what was your favorite outdoor adventure of the year and what was your favorite non-Cnoc piece of gear you used this year? Here were their answers.


Trip: This year I was heavily bogged down by DIY home renovation that took most of my weekends, so when we took a long weekend as a family to backpack the Timberline Trail it was amazing. The time together, the time outside and the trail itself was a perfect combination.

Gear: Originally I got the Waymark fanny pack to go with a UL setup a couple of years back. I used it sporadically but this year, it has been going with me on any outing and some daily uses. No matter what trousers or shorts I use, it makes carrying essentials (and snacks for others) a breeze.


Trip: Definitely the Timberline Trail trip, which we wrote about already. It was physically challenging, beautiful and a bucket list trip for Gilad that we all got to do together! I hadn't been on such a long trip since before my kids were born, so it was also a personal challenge that was quite satisfying, despite the rolled ankle. And it means we know we can go on longer trips again!

Gear: Kula cloth. Dealing with toilet paper is such a pain in the behind (ahem), especially if it can be avoided with a more environmentally friendly option that is ALSO more convenient. I have 2, my 8 year old has one - one of my recommendations to any person with female body parts, always.


Trip: Climbing Mount Shuksan in the North Cascades could only be described as really freakin’ epic. The approach was through deep old-growth forest, followed by talus hopping across granite slabs, before navigating the heavily-crevassed Sulfide Glacier, and finally we scrambled up a low class 5 pyramid to the summit. Bagging this peak in prime fall colors with a great partner was the perfect capstone to my summer adventures. You can check out my climb of Mount Shuksan on my YouTube page here!

Gear: This year I've been loving my down socks from GooseFeet Gear. We had a wet and cold start to the season, so these bad boys kept my feet toasty and cozy in all conditions. Sometimes I even wear them at home on my couch with my cats if I'm feeling bougie.


Trip: I had the opportunity to get Enchantments Permits for two nights. Did some fishing at Colchuck Lake and had a 8 point Buck spend a lot of time in our camp sniffing our tents and such. We had amazing weather and wouldn’t have changed anything.

Gear: I would have to say my Feathered Friends 0 degree sleeping bag, It has an EX(pedition) fabric on the outside that completely prevents condensation getting the down wet. I’ve had my footbox up against my tent wall all night, as well as just cowboy camping with snow falling on me all night. Zero wet down.


Trip: My favorite outdoor adventure of the year was a backpacking trip along the Deschutes River Trail in October. We got a good soaking on night one, which meant we had the trail to ourselves the rest of the trip. We also saw a bighorn sheep! It wasn’t the most glamorous or exotic trip I've ever been on, but the more I backpack, the more I've learned to value a less populated trail over a glamorous one.

Gear: My diet is tricky to backpack with these days (Vegetarian with a side of lactose intolerance) and as I move to weekend adventures instead of thru-hikes, I’ve evolved my fueling strategy beyond consuming literally anything I can find  that will keep more going for another 25+ mile day. My 2022 gear MVP was Fernweh meals! My personal favorite is the Green Tamale Pie, but you aren't going wrong with any of them. They were there for most of my trips this year - both tasting and fueling me better than a ramen bomb.

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