Joey Sargent on the Trail

a woman (Joey) wearing a purple hat facing away from the sunset and smiling

Meet Joellyn "Joey" Sargent the Joyful Rambler who is hiking the Appalachian Trail. Her first-ever backpacking trip was last May from Springer to Three Forks in Georgia and now she's completely besotted with hiking life. Be sure to check out her adventures on Instagram and her YouTube channel. She answered a few questions for Cnoc while she got a rest at a hostel.

Where did you start and where do you plan to finish?

I started hiking full-time on April 1 at Deep Gap, NC. Before that I got a jumpstart on my thru-hike by doing Georgia in 4 weekends over the winter. My aim is to summit Katahdin before the end of September.

What's your go-to camp meal?

The best meal so far has been Knorr Spanish Rice with some dehydrated ground beef added in.

What Cnoc gear are you carrying and why?

My Vecto water carrier. I love the flexibility to quickly get water even in small streams. I simply hang it and go about my camp chores while my water filters.

What is one thing you wish you had brought but didn't?

I’d love an extra lightweight blanket for the cold nights. Other than that I’m really happy with my gear.


Thank you, Joey! Stay hydrated and have an awesome time on the Appalachian Trail. Are you doing a thru-hike and have a good story to tell? Let us know.

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