Gio Acosta on the Trail

Gio Acosta on the Trail
Gio leaning on an AT trail sign
Gio started on the Appalachian Trail in Maine pretty recently, summiting Mt. Katahdin on June 5th. He might be having the most fun on the trail, with one-person trailside dance parties, as seen in his Instagram stories. We appreciate Gio taking the time to answer some questions for us.
Where and when do you plan to finish?
I plan on thru-hiking all the way to Springer Mountain in Georgia (Southbound). I dont have a specific finish date but I do want to be home for Thanksgiving.

Is this your first time on the AT?
The trial runs close by my hometown in Pennsylvania. I did 3 practice runs to test gear and my body.
What's your go-to camp meal?
Clif Bars but my dinners rice and tuna put me right to bed; could also be all hiking. Haha. 

What Cnoc gear are you carrying and why?
I'm using the Cnoc water bladder and aluminum poles. 
[Note from Cnoc: We aren't currently stocking aluminum Vertex poles.]
I have the Sawyer system as my water filtration and the Cnoc bladder works like a charm with it.
  1. It screws on with no issues.
  2. You don't need much force to get the water going.
  3. The bag is tough as nails
  4. It bends so well, even in places where most people need a scoop cup the Cnoc bag will fit and collect water.
Gio's tent set up with Vertex polesI like the aluminum poles because they break down so well and fit almost anywhere in my bag. Breaking them down into 2 sections lets me slide the poles onto my hip belt and I can keep walking without taking my pack off. I use the poles as part of my tarp tie outs.
What's the best advice you've ever gotten on the trail?
So far and I have lots to go, all you can eat pancakes for $9, and one step at a time.
Thanks, Gio! Enjoy the journey and don't stop dancing! Are you doing a thru-hike and have a good story to tell? Let us know.

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