Team Spotlight: Adrian

Team Spotlight: Adrian

Who are you? Give us some highlights from your past.

I’m Adrian! I grew up here in Portland, having the privilege to be able to spend my weekends exploring the Columbia River Gorge and falling in love with the outdoors. I went to an environmental middle school that gave me the opportunity to hone my passions and create an environment to grow my knowledge.

Tell us about a very memorable trip outdoors from the last few years

I did the Timberline Trail solo last year, I was able to grow a lot with the ups and downs, lots of thinking and introspectiveness.

Aside from that, just all of my winter cascade summits. I love me some alpine climbing.

What do you do at CNOC?

My official title is lead fabrication manager. I hand make every trekking pole, tent stake, and tent pole that leaves the warehouse. I'm also always looking for ways to improve how we make the things we make.

What is a running project you are working on at the moment that no one knows about yet?

Well, it wouldn’t be any fun to ruin the surprises would it? Stay tuned for more info.

What is your favorite kit that we make?

I’m biased, but I recommend the three section trekking poles to everyone who will listen.

What’s an interesting (or not-so-interesting) non-CNOC factoid about yourself that is important to who you are as a person?

I used to be a host for two local meetup groups that formed off of the Portland Subreddit. I also know how to eat a raw leaf of stinging nettle without getting stung.

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