Cnoc Poles Are Fully Funded!

Cnoc Poles Are Fully Funded!

Our Cnoc Trekking Poles  were fully funded on Kickstarter in nine hours (and a few minutes). These fully repairable trekking poles are officially happening. We're sold out of some of our early bird prices, so pledge as soon as possible to get the best price on your poles.

Our Kickstarter was featured in Forbes, proving that tiny, determined businesses with good ideas can become major national players.

It's not over yet. Our Kickstarter ends October 31. We're thinking about stretch goals. Have a feature you'd like to see? Let us know.

Have you pledged yet?

Here's what Darwin on the Trail, Dan Becker, and Devin of Backcountry Exposure have to say about our durable made in the USA carbon fiber trekking poles.

"“I really dig these poles... Typically, you have to heat the end of a trekking pole up to get the tip off, but these actually screw off and same with all of these parts; you can easily swap them out in the field.” -Darwin

"I was bummed when Cnoc discontinued their original trekking poles because I loved them so much. Then they sent me the prototype for their new poles. One word. Amazing. They are going to be a game changer for trekking poles with their replaceable parts. It's amazing how lightweight they are as well. Love them." -Dan Becker

“I’ve started to carry just one pole and the Ultralight pole has been a solid piece for me on the trail. Should there ever be a failure with this pole, it's comforting to know that I can keep the good sections and replace only what is needed. This is not only a good sustainable approach, but it just makes sense! Invest once into good gear!”-Devin, Backcountry Exposure

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