CNOC Outdoors Pauses Business On Amazon

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Update (January 24th, 2022): We resume offering our products on Amazon after updates in our supply chain that allow us to cater better to our retail partners. This is following repeated requestes by you, our customers, to have our products available on Amazon USA. We still encourage you to first seek our products at your local outdoor shop and try and purchase through them. Gear shops are a vital part of the outdoor community and we hope that you will join us in an effort to support and sustain them.

We are announcing today that we will be pausing our business on Amazon and will not restock our products in Amazon's warehouses. This is effective immediately and will remain true until further notice, potentially indefinitely.

The last few years we have seen an amazing growth in demand for our products, which we are very thankful for and humbled by. It also, unfortunately, leads to increased strain on our supply chain and manufacturing capacity. 

Delays in shipping, increased costs of freight, partial production capacity and wild demand over 2020 and 2021 resulted in us repeatedly running out of stock and not being able to offer our gear to our customers. This has had the greatest impact on our retail partners - especially specialty brick and mortar shops that would like to offer our products and benefit from their increased popularity, but had to be met with empty shelves.

In order to support the vital part that specialty outdoor retailers have in our industry, market and community, we have decided to make sure that we will always have stock for them, keeping more money in the industry. We believe that outdoor retail stores are not just a place to buy gear, but where communities exist and experience is shared. 

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At a time when independent outdoor retailers are struggling to get enough inventory to support their businesses, ensuring the revenue previously generated through Amazon goes into those retailers will help ensure the long-term health of these partners.

And it's hard for us, too! We are a small company working with valued partners, and we will also continue to offer all of our products on our site. To try and balance those Amazon Prime customers who buy from Amazon for the free shipping, we have free shipping within the contiguous USA for orders $45 or more.

If you are an Amazon affiliate with links to the Vecto on your site, we invite you to become an affiliate through Avantlink and link to our site or our other retail partners, that link can be found here.

We hope and believe that this is the right move for us as a company and as a community. We'll be here, rooted in our community, supporting the small town shops and offering up exceptional customer service to you, our friends & customers.

Thank you for believing in us.


  • Hike More

    Does CNOC buy or source materials or products from China?
    Cut out Amazon but source and buy inputs and products from China.
    be transparent and source in USA for all materials and product needs.

    what does CNOC say ?…

  • John Arthur

    I really appreciate your focus on the smaller local retailers. I agree that they bring more than just products to the table. Please consider a similar policy on the supply side. There are small local manufacturers here in the US that would greatly benefit from a similar philosophy.

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