Brandon Kuehn on the Trail

Brandon Kuehn on the Trail

Brandon resting against a rock, pack and poles nearby

Brandon Kuehn AKA Ginger Beard Outdoors got started on the PCT but had to stop due to hypertension of his left knee. With intense determination, he dutifully performed physical therapy and is back on the trail! We love a happy ending. He answered some questions for us before he set off again.

Where and when did you start?

I started at the border of Mexico and the US in Campo, CA, the morning of April 3, 2018.

Where and when do you plan to finish?

I plan on finishing the beginning of Sept. at the Manning Park Resort in Canada.

Is this your first time on the Pacific Crest Trail?

This is my first time on the PCT as a thru-hike. I grew up in Oregon and hiked a lot of the Oregon sections and a few of the Washington sections. I love the Snoqualmie to Stevens pass section in Washington.

What's your go-to camp meal?

My go-to meal is soy ramen with a scoop of peanut butter and a packet of Sriracha. Hiker pad thai.

What Cnoc gear are you carrying and why?

I am actually using both the Carbon Vertex Trekking Poles and I carry two Vecto bladders. The poles were a last minute switch out due to a set of aluminum poles I had that bent on me. And the fact these were Z-fold and adjustable made it a "no duh" buy. And, well, they are from P-Town. Got to support home. As for the bladders, the wide mouth opening for easy collection and the Sawyer Squeeze screws directly on to it. Love these and one will always be part of my kit.

What is one thing you wish you had brought but didn't?

I kinda wish I had a good still photo camera. The phone does ok but sometimes does not catch everything I want it to.

What's the best advice you've ever gotten on the trail?

It was a simple statement that I have kept in the front of my mind ever since then. "The trail is not the hike you want it to be; it is the hike you need it to be."


Thank you, Brandon. Take it easy on your knee and have a blast!  Are you doing a thru-hike and have a good story to tell? Let us know.

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