B-Corp Month 2022

B-Corp Month 2022

March is B-Corp month, and we have some great surprises for you! But before we revealing what those are, we should probably explain what a B-Corp is.

B-Corp stands for Beneficial Corporation, and though it sounds like an oxymoron, when explained it makes perfect sense. A corporation is a legal entity where a company is defined as a tax liable organization that is separate from its various stakeholders. Though this entity is indeed a for-profit company, aiming to optimize earnings and expenses (commonly known as profit), it is just a tool for the people involved in it. Those people can be internal (employees, owners, customers) or they can be external (suppliers, non-profits, governments), and they all have influence on and are impacted by this tool that we call a company.

This corporation tool can be used to benefit the involved people in its orbit - how many people depends on the company. In the case of a B-Corp, the people in charge of the tool have decided to use it for the greater good. A B-Corp aims to use the company to benefit as many involved people and entities as possible: from employees to supply chain and environmental impact.

Behind the B - B-labs logo

The B-Corp designation process is led by a non-profit organization called B-Labs, and if passed, a company is defined as a B-Corp.

We received the B-Corp certification in 2021 (it was quite a long process; you can read all about it here), and we are very proud to be the smallest outdoor brand to get one. 

To celebrate B-Corp month, we have teamed up with 3 other local B-Corps to offer an exclusive deal : 15% off our respective products for you, our supporters and co-beneficiaries in the B-Corp experience. This offer starts March 14 and will last until March 20 at 23:59 PST.

To enjoy this offer, head to any of the companies below and use code "ORBCorp2022" at checkout and enjoy products that are made intentionally and by companies dedicated to creating a positive impact on us and the environment.



Looptworks [ looped wurks ] noun. A Portland, Oregon based business that re-purposes and upcycles abandoned, pre-consumer and post-consumer materials into limited edition products.

At Looptworks, the only thing they scrap is the typical way of doing business. They're a design brand on a mission: to use only what already exists.

Cahlet Tote by Looptworks

In 2009, Oregon-born surfer and former Adidas guru Scott Hamlin brought his zero-waste dream to life — to put an end to textile waste.
Looptworks launched with a mission to recover some of the 17 million pounds of excess textiles from the landfill and transform them into limited-edition apparel, bags, and gear.

Today, they're a Certified B-Corp and Best For The World winner working alongside brands and visionaries including Pendleton, Delta Airlines, Google, Patagonia, Billie Eilish, and many more.


15% off all Looptworks products

Woman wearing the Chalet Backpack by Loopworks

Nossa Familia Coffee


Nossa Familia Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster founded by Augusto Carneiro, whose family has been growing coffee in the highlands of Brazil since the 1890s. Consistently named one of Portland's best coffee roasters, Nossa Familia is proud to be part of the B-Corp community, affirming a commitment to business as a force for good. Nossa Familia works directly with coffee farmers from around the world to source high-quality specialty coffee from origins like Brazil, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Ethiopia and more. You can visit Nossa Familia cafes daily for coffee drinks, pastries, and freshly roasted coffee in Portland’s Pearl District and SE Ladd’s Addition Neighborhoods.


Full Cycle is Nossa Familia’s go-to signature espresso blend. Starting with a rich and chocolatey base of Brazilian coffee, seasonally appropriate coffees are added from other origins to lend their bright and fruity characteristics.

Full Cycle is Nossa Familia’s most versatile coffee – one that works for everything from a straight espresso to a clean drip to a French press with a touch of cream. It’s perfect for espresso, drip, or iced coffee.

$0.50 of every bag of Full Cycle purchased this month will support Bikeworks by p:ear, the non-profit's bike shop that builds pathways for youth, ages 15-25, to end homelessness and provide meaningful job training opportunities and continuing bike education. Learn more here.


15% off our signature Full Cycle Giveback Blend

Nossa Familia Coffee Full Circle

Sokol Blosser Wine


As one of the Willamette Valley’s pioneering wineries, Sokol Blosser has played a key role in developing and shaping the now-prominent Oregon wine industry over the past 50 years. The winery remains family owned and operated, with the second generation now at the helm: siblings Alison and Alex Sokol Blosser. Achieving B-Corp certification in 2015, Sokol Blosser creates wines of world-class quality, produced in a sustainable manner, reflecting the distinctive flavors of the grapes, soil and climate.

Their Tasting Room, located in the beautiful Dundee Hills, is open Thursday – Monday by appointment. Visit their website to make reservations.


15% discount on any Sokol Blosser or Evolution wines – excludes merchandise and cannot be combined with any other offers

16DPN wine and red house in vinyard

CNOC Outdoors


While backpacking and hiking are centered around the beauty and greatness of our wilderness, it seems to only make sense that a company making backpacking and hiking gear would do something to protect and preserve the places they visit. CNOC takes the widely known and beloved outdoor stewardship principle of “Leave No Trace” even further, to say “We don’t just leave no trace, we leave it better than we found it.” And this extends far beyond the way CNOC approaches rolling out new innovative products.

Woman filtering water using Vecto and filter in the woods

Because they aren’t just a company improving gear for outdoor enthusiasts. They are enthusiasts themselves, making the gear that they want, need, and cherish, in order to be the best stewards of the land that they can be. And they aren’t just people doing business and selling products, they are people first, prioritizing the wellbeing of their consumers, neighbors, and each other.

It’s simple. The more you appreciate the great outdoors, the more likely you are to take care of it and advocate for its preservation. CNOC believes that if more people connected with nature and with each other, the world would be a better place.


15% off the full range of gear on CNOC's store.

Man and woman eating meals from a BUC while camping

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