The Desert Advantage of the 3L Vecto

The Desert Advantage of the 3L Vecto

You asked for it! Our 3L Vecto is here as of August. A few lucky Cnoc gear fans got to test the product out. Here's a guest post from Angela Roberts about her experience with the 3L version while thru-hiking the PCT with her husband. Keep up with their travels on their blog.

Water in the desert is a precious element. It’s also rare to come by and does not often come through rushing streams or rivers— which is why my husband and I have chosen to use Cnoc products to make our thru-hike easier. 

3L Vecto filter and SmartWater bottleWe carry two water bottles each and throughout the desert section of the PCT this usually wasn’t enough storage for the 20-mile water carries. Because of the Vecto, we were able to consume water at the healthy, recommended rate instead of limiting ourselves due to capacity. The large, flexible top of the Vecto creates better opportunities for collecting water when the source is stagnant or is flowing at a low rate. Pictured below is an example of one of the times the water flow was extremely low. Thankfully, collecting wasn’t a hassle or a pain because we had the Vecto.

The new 3L Vecto provided us with a tighter lock that prevented water from spilling, which we really appreciated. It was also very convenient using the 3L Vecto to filter water into our 1.5L SmartWater bottles. Additionally, having more space for water storage at a low weight is always a plus when thru-hiking. We love Cnoc products and will continue to use them as we journey on.


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