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CNOC's Answer To Disposable Plastics
Geology, a brief story of plastic, and an introduction to the Vesica Water Bottle and the Curn Cup, CNOC's newest lightweight TPU hydration products that provide an ultra-light and packable alternative to single use plastics. If you love the Vecto Water bladder, you'll love these as well.
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How To Transition To Zero Drop Footwear
Let me start with a little background: back in the day I was a tank driver, and managed to injure my knees pretty seriously along the way. A couple of surgeries later and many, many, many hours of physiotherapy later, my orthopedist told me that I probably would never be able to run again. Back then, I was fine with it, since I hated running.

A few years later I moved to England and joined the local outdoor/climbing/running community as part of my career. During that time I got introduced to the idea of barefoot running - it was very popular and cool - so I tried it, and loved it.
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Should I Filter My Water on the PCT?

With the thru-hiking season around the corner and rain and snow still very much part of the PCT landscape, the repeated question around water filtering comes up. When you are out in the middle of nowhere, in the backcountry, getting water from a stream, do you really need to filter that water?

To jump to the conclusion: yes, you need to filter water on the PCT. 

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Ideas For Scooping Water on Trail

We often hear how much people love their Vecto and how it has made water collection so much simpler for them. Lately, though, we have seen a number of conversations that look something like this:

"I have a Sawyer bag/Smartwater bottle water and know that I will need something to scoop water with.... I don't really want to buy a Vecto bag now. What do you use to scoop water?"

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Water generosity and the 3L Vecto
Before the 3L Vecto was available to the public, Nick Ferry was invited to give it a try. He rigged up two innovative methods of using the 3L Vecto during his two testing trips. One was to turn his 3L Vecto into a shower, the other was to use a trowel to guide water from a very low stream into the wide-mouth opening.
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