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Cnoc Carbon Fiber Tent Stake, 7 inches

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Cnoc Carbon Fiber Tent Stake, 7 inches

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Ultralight, long carbon fiber tent stake featuring a mat finish 4 seasons carbon fiber tube and aluminum 6062 tip and head.

We've used all the best materials to give you the lightness of carbon fiber with increased robustness: 1.5mm thick walls and extra strong aluminum tip and round head.

To make our stakes fit your needs, they have a a loop at the top made from Lawson Gear Reflective Glowire in green or orange. You will always be able to find your stakes on the ground.

The smooth finish (non coated) and the 8mm diameter means a better hold in softer ground with more friction applied.


  • Weight:  10.2 g (0.36 ounces)
  • Length: 18 cm (7 inches)
  • Diameter: 8 mm (0.321 Inches)
  • Tube: 1.5 mm thick wrapped carbon fiber
  • Tips: Aluminum 6062
  • Wire: Lawson Gear Reflective Glowire

Recommended use

Aimed for soft ground, packed snow and loose gravel, carbon fiber stakes shouldn't be hammer in but pushed in, using your shoe. 

Hold the stake with both hand and drive it in using your shoe. If the ground is too resistant, drive in at an angle and use rocks to increase hold strength.