All our products come with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. If anything is found to be defective against this warranty during the lifetime of the product*, then we will repair or replace it at our discretion. Normal wear and tear, misuse, alteration or abuse are not covered.

What does that mean? If you snapped your poles between rocks at an impossible angle, we probably won't replace them (sorry, it sounds like you have too much fun). On the other hand, if your poles somehow got the inner sleeve loosened, it might be a bonding issue and we will take care of it.

Our gear is made with a balance of lightweight, durability and comfort, so we had to make adjustments to make each product usable for its own purpose. Due to the different function and performance of each item, they are subject to different warranty:


The Vecto is made from TPU, which is a porous material that degrades over time with high exposure to sun and repeated abrasion. All the parts in the Vecto are made from TPU and are welded together so no bonding is needed.

The combination of the above means that a faulty Vecto is discovered in the first use and not over time, if a Vecto works well in the first use, it will continue to work for the rest of its lifetime. We recognize the life of a Vecto as up to 100 days outdoors depending on care (cleaning) and storage (away from direct sun exposure). This translates to roughly half a thru-hiking season, a year of full-time weekend adventures or 2 years of occasional use.

Pinholes in the bladder are not covered by warranty unless new from the box, pinholes can develop from a host of reasons and can happen anytime during the use, especially in colder conditions. Luckily, pinholes can be easily fixed with a small patch of Tear-Aid Type A or a drop of superglue on the outside of the pinhole.

Sliders are made of standard stiff plastic (ABS) and are as such can break with the right pressure. The loop in the slider is meant to be used to hang the Vecto for gravity feed but when pressure in the right way can snap and break. A broken loop on a slider is not covered by warranty unless happened on your first trip, this is just wear and tear and can happen from a host of reasons. Additional parts can be found here.

Do note that the Vecto is reactive to temperature: in high temperatures, it becomes softer and in low temperatures, it is stiffer.

The Vecto is limited to 50 degrees C/120 degrees F, used with water hotter than that will break the welds and will ruin the Vecto.

Vertex Z-Ztyles poles

Z-style poles put ease of use, weight and comfort of carrying above durability, and so are less durable than telescopic or single shaft poles. Our poles are also priced low to make them affordable with the understanding that we sacrifice a bit more on durability.

Our poles are recommended to 700-1000 miles use, mainly with lighter loads and for fast movers. The original design was made for fast and light trips or adventure racing.

The poles to require regular maintenance: cleaning after each trip (4-5 days), making sure no grit is in between the shafts and oiling the aluminum connectors. Lack of maintenance voids the warranty.

When submitting a warranty claim for a defective or inoperable item, the decision to honor any warranty claims is at our discretion based on mileage, length of ownership, and condition of the item upon photo submission. Warranty claims may be rejected for the following reasons: owner misuse, exceeding lifetime mileage expectancy, accidental damage, and reasons determined by management.

Using Our Warranty

For warranty support, e-mail us at support@cnocoutdoors.com.

Our business hours are 10 am to 2 pm PST, Monday to Friday. We respond to messages left after hours within one or two business days.

To ensure your claim is dealt with swiftly, please provide the following info:

  • Your name
  • Your order number
  • Date of purchase
  • The problem with the item
  • Relevant pictures to demonstrate the problem

We will either just require pictures of the item or sometimes need to get it back to us to look it over, in that case, we will provide a prepaid shipping label. After we looked at the item (or pictures/video), we will send you a replacement. Simple.

* Lifetime of a product doesn't mean your lifetime, as you can imagine, your Vecto won't be reaching the golden years of 90+ like you.