All our products come with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

If anything is found to be defective against this warranty during the lifetime of the product, then we will repair or replace it at our discretion.

What does that mean? “Lifetime” of a product doesn't mean your lifetime; as you can imagine, your Vecto won't be reaching the golden years of 90+ like you. Normal wear and tear, misuse, alteration and/or abuse is not covered.

Our gear is made with a balance of lightweight, durability and comfort, so we have to make adjustments to ensure each product is usable for its purpose.

If you snap your trekking poles between rocks at an impossible angle, we probably won't replace them (it sounds like you were having too much fun). However, if the FQL assembly on your pole inexplicably becomes loose, it may be a bonding issue and we will happily take care of it.


The Vecto is made from TPU, which is a porous material that can degrade over time depending on exposure to high or low temperatures, UV rays, and abrasion. All the parts in the Vecto are made from TPU and are welded together, so no bonding (glue) is needed. Because of this, manufacturing faults in the Vecto show themselves in the first use or couple of uses, not gradually over time. Vectos are covered for defects in materials and workmanship for the useful lifetime of the product. This varies widely based on use, care, maintenance, impact and so on, and is rarely a set time frame.

Pinholes can develop from a host of reasons, including exposure to UV rays, colder temperatures, abrasion, etc.  They are not covered by warranty unless they occur new from the box. The Vecto is made from porous TPU that balances weight and durability, and is reliable and repairable in many conditions while staying light and easy to use. While pinholes are annoying, they are not catastrophic and can usually be fixed with a small (round) patch of Tear-Aid Type A or a drop of superglue on the outside of the pinhole.

Sliders are made of standard stiff plastic (ABS) and breakage can occur for a host of reasons (increase in weight and/or torque, hanging at an angle). A broken loop on a slider is not covered by warranty as breakage can happen from a host of reasons. The loop in the slider is designed to be used to hang the Vecto for a gravity feed and can hold up to 20 lbs. of weight if hung with a carabiner or GearTie that hangs vertically, and isn't pushing or pulling the loop. Any increased weight or twisting can cause breaking.

Additional parts for your Vecto can be found here (scroll down for Replacement Sliders and Caps).

Discoloring of TPU products can occur as we do not use BPA, BPF or BPS in our TPU, which are the main chemicals used to keep plastics clear. This means that with the right combination of UV exposure and water chemicals our products can turn yellow, green or even orange. If the TPU changes color it is safe to use and not faulty.

Temperature:  Your Vecto is reactive to temperature change: in high temperatures, it becomes softer and in low temperatures, it is stiffer. The Vecto is limited to 50 degrees C/120 degrees F.  If you use water higher than this, it will damage the welds and ruin the Vecto and will void any warranty.

Telescopic Trekking Poles

Our trekking poles come with a limited lifetime warranty on any manufacturing defects for 2 years. Your poles have been hand built in our Portland workshop and have been inspected at every stage to make sure they are the best they can be for you.

All bonds and parts are covered under warranty. If you believe you have an issue with a component, part or bond (glue), please submit a claim.

Our warranty does not cover carbon fiber breaks or lost parts. Spare parts can be found here.

Other CNOC Outdoors products

Our Vesicas, BUCs, Curns and Mudpons are covered by 2 years of warranty against defects in manufacturing. This does not include discoloration, pinholes or normal wear and tear.

Non-CNOC Products

For non-CNOC Outdoors products, please contact the specific manufacturer directly for the best support.

Using Our Warranty

We encourage customers to purchase CNOC products from your local, small business retailers! If you are in the US and purchased from our US dealers, you may contact us for after-purchase support.

International: If you purchased CNOC products from our non-US dealers, please contact the sellers directly, as they receive support from us.

Our current support hours are 9 am to 12 pm PST, Monday to Friday. We do our best to respond to messages left after hours within two business days.

Warranty claims can take up to 14 business days to resolve.

In some cases, photos are enough to diagnose a problem and we need to look at the item in person; in this case, we ask that you send the product to us. After we can take a closer look at the issue (in person, or via pictures/video), we can determine the appropriate solution and action(s) needed.

Warranty replacements, parts or returned fixed products are sent USPS First Class Package Service and may take up to two weeks to arrive.

Questions can be sent to support@cnocoutdoors.com.