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Cnoc Outdoors to Launch Kickstarter for Made in the USA Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles September 17, 2019

Update: September 17, 2019

Kickstarter campaign has launched and is fully funded, find out more at this link.

August 28, 2019  

Cnoc Outdoors has revolutionized the design and manufacturing process of trekking poles from the bottom-up—built with the same incredible carbon fiber tubes that NASA is using for the 2020 Mars helicopter. Made in the USA, and designed to be the last trekking poles you’ll need to buy, Cnoc poles are fully repairable. While most trekking poles are disposable (once a part breaks the entire pole must be replaced), all individual parts of the Cnoc poles are replaceable. The poles can be fixed in the field and require no special tools for maintenance. 

Backers can pledge support to the project and pre-order a pair of telescopic three-segment carbon fiber poles or a single two-segment minimalist ultralight trekking pole. Both utilize a newly developed quick lock for secure adjustment and tips that are simple to replace with any off-the-shelf brand. 

“When you support our poles on Kickstarter, you are supporting American jobs, sustainable manufacturing, and getting first dibs at lower prices,” said Lauren Hudgins, Director of Marketing. 

Making trekking poles in the United States shortens the supply chain, reducing the carbon footprint of each trekking pole. US manufacturing helps balance the trade and budget deficits and reduces local unemployment. 

About our manufacturers  

Cnoc asked experienced hikers to try out components from several different factories. Final factory selections were made based on performance out on the trail. 

  • Goodwinds Composites: Carbon fiber tubes, Mt. Vernon, Washington 
  • Rex Plastics: Friction Quick Lock clamps, Vancouver, Washington 
  • The Federal Group USA: Aluminum parts, Southfield, Michigan 

The only parts that aren’t made in the United States are the grips and tips, which come from China due to US restrictions. The trekking poles will be assembled in the Cnoc Outdoors warehouse in Portland, OR. 

Kickstarter ends October 29, 2019. Delivery of poles will begin in January 2020. 

About Cnoc Outdoors 

Cnoc Outdoors is a small team of avid backpackers in Portland, Oregon. Cnoc produces innovative, highly functional gear that solves the unique problems of outdoor enthusiasts with minimalist design, fair manufacturing, and reduced impact on the earth. The company is best known for their water collection solution: the Vecto. 

Learn more about CNOC more information, please contact Lauren Hudgins, Director of Marketing,