What we do

At Cnoc Outdoors, we make products we couldn’t find as users in the outdoors activity market. We make light outdoors gear, that is functional in a way we haven’t seen, and all at a reasonable price point.

What is light?

  • Light gear is minimal and simple, not just low on weight. Keeping things simple while making our gear durable is a key to making our gear useful to you, so you can go longer, further and faster on any adventure you choose.

What is functional?

  • Our gear might look good, but it is first needs to work so we make sure it is functional and durable; so take it out, use and abuse it as we do on our testing. Gear is meant to be a tool for your enjoyment and this is what we want to make at Cnoc Outdoors.

What is affordable?

  • We define affordable as whatever gives you the best return on your investment: maximising the amount of use you will be getting out of the item. That doesn’t always mean the cheapest, because sometimes quality does cost money.

Is there anything you are missing and wish someone would have made it? Let us know!! and we might just make it....

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 Gilad Nachmani while backpacking in Scotland

Why we do it

Founder Gilad Nachmani spent years going on outdoor adventures and experimenting with gear. He encountered an even wider variety of gear through his day job in the outdoors industry. Throughout it all, he grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of offerings in certain areas. He started Cnoc Outdoors to answer what he felt was an unmet need in the market: light, functional and most important: affordable gear.

Gilad started out as an over-eager teenager going out for days at a time, grew into a keen young man exploring for months became an experienced adventurer with greater resources but more demands on his time and wallet. Throughout this time, he grew frustrated with two main things:

  1. Light gear cost too much

  2. There were items he wanted to have on is trips that he couldn't buy because they didn't exist

So he set out to make them, and Cnoc Outdoors came to be.

Gear testing

How we do it

At Cnoc Outdoors we are committed to making gear that is affordable - if we can't produce it at a cost that will allow us to sell it at a reasonable prices, we won't be making it. This is not to say we will be making cheap products or cutting corners to cut costs: quality will never be compromised. But we also feel that many times, good gear costs too much and that just isn't fair.

The other condition we apply when coming up with a product ideas comes from our experiences: what was missing/too much/needing tweaking form the things we used - if that thing is existed at all? We will still only produce items that we feel are an improvement or unique spin, or totally new products that we want to use and haven't found a solution for. We won't produce things that are already being made at a good quality, with all the features we might want at fair price point.

Scottish Cnoc in the Highlands

You are probably wondering what Cnoc is, so this is the short version:

Cnoc, pronounced K'nok (knˠɔk), is a hill or a mount in Gaelic and old Irish.

In other words: this is where our gear should be, go to the hills!