UL Kitchen Kit


All you need to make a lightweight and warm meal anywhere in the outdoors: stove, pot to boil water, Buc food bag, and a long spoon to gobble it up.

The Buc allows you to bring your dehydrated meals in bulk and make the serving sizes that are right for you. Cook with hot water right in the reusable Buc bag that rehydrates the food when sealed and acts as a bowl when you roll down the top. Make from 1-3 servings in the bag. 

Nothing beats a hot meal at the end of a long day on (or off) the trail, fueling you up for a cozy night in your sleeping bag. 

Bonus! When you purchase our curated kits, you save $$$. 


** Does NOT include gas canister **


  • Kit weight: 231.5g / 8.17oz
  • Volume: 750ml food bag (3 big meal servings), 550ml pot
  • Made in China