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Good gear needs to be tested, a lot. Actually, the more testing in a bigger variety of places, the better the end result is, but I can't be outdoors l the time, everywhere. In order to get our gear out more, from what we offer now to prototypes and more, we wanted to find a group of real life outdoors enthusiasts, just like you, so we can get their insight.


Our ambassadors come from all over North America and are true everyday users, so without further a due, here they are:

Dan Human, aka Outbound DanDan is a true outdoorsman: an AppalachianTrail veteran, Search and Rescue volunteer, an ultralight backpacker and everything else in between. Now working hard on passing his joy of the outdoors to his two kids.

Kat Patterson aka Kit KatKat is a The PNW woman: hiker, backpacker, snowboarder, paddler, cyclist and everything else that can be done outside (did we mention climbing?). She manages all that with her 3 kids, being a wedding photographer and working with so many local outdoors groups we can't even count.

Steve Holiday aka Hiker SteveSteve makes sure to enjoy all there is to love in British Columbia, from hiking to backpacking, fishing, canoeing, boating, skiing and so much more. He also is a real soccer fan!

Macy Howell - Macy took her love to anything rock and land a step further and is an environmental geologist. This career, along with rock climbing and backpacking, means Macy is outdoors, a lot!

Keegan and Audry aka Parked InnKeegan Nicol from South Africa and Audrey Newell from Connecticut are now touring North America in their van: Parked Inn. Spending their time hiking, backpacking and anything outdoors in every national park they can find. Their goal is to see, enjoy and photograph every national park in the USA.

You can check more about them on our ambassadors' page.



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