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Our factory made a mistake, so you get a better deal!

Our factory made a mistake, so you get a better deal!

man standing on a full Vecto

TL;DR: We have a batch of Vectos that have the same amazing durability as earlier Vectos, but only fit the HydroBlu filters. We're selling these in a great bundle with the Versa Flow filter for $45.

If you haven't noticed yet, we are out of Vectos and that is because our factory in China made a slight mistake. In the process of trying to make the Vecto thread spout stiffer, the injection engineer forgot to calculate shrinkage due to cooling. But, if all this means nothing to you, here is a bit of background:

When looking into making the Vecto, we chose to make it from TPU, as it is one of the most durable materials out there that can be used for this kind of thing. (The Vecto has a 220 lbs break point). It is soft to touch (I used to get cuts in my frozen fingers from the nylon coated containers) and TPU is naturally bacteria resistant.

Filling a Sawyer container

As a result of using TPU, the rest of the injection molded parts (neck, wide opening lips) must also be made from TPU in order to be properly bonded. I opted for using a relatively soft TPU for the neck as it allows for a simple seal without mechanical pressure, but it is proving to be a challenge for many in warmer weather conditions. (TPU is temperature sensitive.)

The above means that many people had issues with the spout and threads deforming when trying to connect their filters. There are ways to ensure perfect threading with the Vecto, Check out this video we made to learn more.

And back to our factory's mistake: we just got a batch of Vectos that came in last week with a stiffer neck (up to 65% compared to the 55% used so far) but that proved to be a problem in a different way: the neck has shrunk since production and is now 0.3mm too narrow to hold a filter well. These Vectos don't work well with the Sawyer filters but make great campanions for the HydroBlu filters and that gave us an idea: we teamed up with HydroBlu and we are offering a simple, lightweight and efficient gravity water filtering system, check it out:

We are now working with the factory to increase the neck stiffness to 72% (the max that can be used while still allowing it to be bonded to the bladder). Hopefully, we can solve that soon and a new version of the Vecto will be available in early August that has a stiff enough neck and thread for everyone's preference.


Cnoc Outdoors Founder