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Kickstarter Postponed

Kickstarter Postponed

We have disappointing news. We are postponing our Cnoc poles Kickstarter campaign due to some unsolved issues in the supply chain that impact our ability to deliver the poles in due time. We hope to solve them in the next month and relaunch in mid-September. The problems are:

1. The engineering company that is making the heat transfer machine to decorate the tubes is missing a few key parts that will take several weeks to make. They can't fulfill the August deadline for us and we probably won't have a working machine until later in the year.

2. Problems with cork stock levels in Taiwan hit our grips supplier and those will probably won't be ready until November. We are waiting on a new arrival date.

3. This weekend we learned that new 25% tariffs on aluminum will make our current project unfeasible. In November we were part of a conversation on Oregon Business about how the trade war is hurting small outdoors businesses. These tariffs are making it harder to manufacture goods, not just overseas, but also domestically. Our US component suppliers must get their raw materials from somewhere and US bauxite hasn’t been used for metallic aluminum since 1981. Thus, our component suppliers have higher costs and that means our US made poles (particularly our Z-poles) will also cost a lot more to make. 

We need to revise our plans in such a way that we can still provide you with high quality made in the USA carbon fiber poles at a fair and reasonable price. We’ll let everyone know as soon we’re ready to go and we relaunch our Kickstarter.


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