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Hydration Horror Stories Contest

Hydration Horror Stories Contest

It's a creepy time of year and we are having a scary story competition. Tell us about the most horrifying water you have ever had to filter and drink.

When you're in the backcountry you can't afford to be picky about your water sources or you'll die of dehydration. We want to hear about the worst of the worst: unnatural colors, wiggling invertebrates, dubious sludge, decomposing animal carcasses in the trickle of a creek. While we encourage you to tell your terrifying tale with macabre melodrama, stories must remain true. Bonus points for including a photograph of your gross experience. Sharing your masterpiece with the world? Use #HydrationHorrorStories.

To enter, submit your photo to digital@cnocoutdoors.com until October 30th with the headline "Hydration Horror Stories competition.”

How To Win

We will choose at least 3 stories from all the entries emailed to us by Oct 30th to publish on our blog for Halloween. The participant with the story we deem to be the most horrifying will be the winner.

The Prizes

The winner will be announced on the Cnoc Outdoors blog on Halloween and will receive a 3L Vecto to collect more of that nasty stuff on dry days in the backcountry.


Please make sure to read all the terms and conditions in full before submitting.


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