Review for the Vertex Carbon Poles by Ace-Outside

Review for the Vertex Carbon Poles by Ace-Outside

I have contacted Andrew from Ace-Outside a few months back about testing the Vertex Carbon poles and he had a chance to play with them for a while. He wrote his reviews the other day and I'm really happy with it - his opinion and recommendations. We also had a few chats over this time about minor issues he might have found in the poles and those have already been worked into the next round of production.


Andrew's bottom line is:

For the enthusiast and beginner, I think these are awesome.  They’re light, compact, and relatively strong. Compared to the rest of the market, these are a great value. The Black Diamond Distance FLZ poles are comparable in features in folded length, but use all carbon segments to get the weight way down–they also cost three times as much."

What more can be added?

To read the full review head over to Ace-Outside.

Andrew is also a writer for Carryology and has a spot on ace-Outside that tell the story behind some of the brands he tests that I love.

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