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Water is a squeeze away with a Vecto

Give it all you have and it will reward you with freshly collected water, right to your filter

The Vecto

At CNOC we like to go backpacking, this is the start and end of it. To make that happen we make the adventure gear that we are looking for when we go trekking and hiking. The gear that is on our “backpacker’s wishlist” that each of us have, the “I wish someone made this” list.

We don’t make adventure gear to be shiny or exciting. We make gear that works, serves its purpose and not very shiny, it just does what it suppose to do. More importantly, it is there to be used, abused, repaired and than get back to be used. From the materials we use to how we design and assemble, the adventure gear we make, want to use and invent is so it can keep on going even when it eventually wears down. 

We like to innovate and improve, using any feedback there is, even the harsh one, so we can make things better. Innovation is not a single step, it is a process, and if done right, it is always evolving. So is our adventure gear for trekking backpacking and hiking. It doesn’t mean you should get rid of anything that still works, it just means that when you ready to upgrade, we can offer you something better while finding the best way to keep old and used gear out of landfills.

All this just means that you, and us, and everyone involved with our gear, can spend more time outdoors, and use what we produce to make the outdoors and the community better.